Executive Armor System

Why does NIJ Certification matter?

The National Institute of Justice is the government agency responsible for establishing certification and protection standards for body armor. Our armor undergoes routine testing at an NIJ approved laboratory, allowing us to guarantee its protection against specific threats.

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Executive Armor System

Stealth Operator offers the Executive Armor system; a discreet, personal protection vest. Ideal for those who need to be prepared to protect and lead with assurance at a moment’s notice. This low profile, stylish briefcase rapidly deploys into a Level IIIA soft armor vest, allowing you to be protected in a variety of scenarios. NIJ certified ballistic panels for chest and back are appropriate for most sizes and situations. The Executive Armor system should be part of standard planning and preparation. Available in black or red.

Learn more about ballistic threat levels

NIJ Tested & Certified

The Exucutive Armor System is NIJ tested and certified to protect against most common handguns including:

  • .44 MAG
  • .357 SIG
  • FN SS197
  • Win SXT 9mm+P+
  • .62x25 Tokarev
  • Speer GD .357 MAG and
  • 2, 4, 16, and 17 gr. RCC
  • *This product does not provide protection against rifle threats.

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Rapid Deployment Armor

Concealment does not have to mean under your shirt or jacket. Often the best concealment is when something is hidden in plain sight.

Phalanx Defense System’s patented Rapid Deployment Armor (RDA) systems follow that approach by taking advantage of familiar and non-threatening gear, bags, meeting binders, and computer bags thus transforming them into life saving devices.

Maintaining discreet preparedness is simple with each RDA system. We believe it unwise to announce or broadcast your protective status or capability. Being ready with armor that can be deployed in under 15 seconds, without anyone the wiser, makes you the best prepared of anyone.

In this world of ever changing and often illogical threats, the only one you can count on to protect you is you. You can change your behavior, your environment, and your preparedness. When it comes to being prepared, our RDA systems give you options you never had until now to take your security with you. Do not be caught without your protection.

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