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"I just purchased the Stealth Operator holster. I have 13 different pistols and this holster fits every one of them. Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself." -- Jeff Finch

"This company provides the best holsters I've ever used. I've owned my fair share of holsters and I've finally found my favorite. Not only is it the best holster I've ever owned, but they look totally badass." -- Mattew Smith

"Great product! Mine has held up awesome." -- Jay Dubya

" My wife was looking for a minimal size holster that fit tight to her body. We had trouble finding a holster that fits her Walther PPQ M2. She found your holster and wanted to try it out. SHE LOVES IT! It’s the only holster she wears." -- Steven Smith

"One of the best holster designs and not stupid money expensive - I wear my OWB for my Glock almost every day." -- Curly Black

"The Stealth Operator Compact is just what the doctor ordered. Fit and retention are awesome and it is very comfortable to wear, even while driving. The compact design makes it easy to establish and maintain a positive grip before, during and after draw." -- Michael Dunne

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